Saturday, December 4, 2010

Felicia Day's Christmas/Gaming Party

Today I was fortunate enough to be invited to Felicia's (now) annual Christmas and Gaming party. I brought along my Padawan Troy as my +1 as I knew he would really enjoy it.

The party started at 5pm so of course he and I got there at 5pm, actually since we both live further away and you never know how traffic will be we both got there about 15 minutes early so we hung in his car and waited for a little bit after 5.

When we went in there were a few people there helping Felicia set up. There were several gaming station. In the living room was RockBand 3, Guest room had Super Mario Bros and the Library had the 360 with the new kinect and Dance Central.

First game we had to try out was the Dance Central. Troy and I had so much fun with that.. but wow is that a workout. We did a few rounds before taking a break and grabbing a drink. When we headed back to the living room we noticed they were setting up Rockband so Troy grabbed a guitar while I grabbed a microphone. We had loads of fun jamming with Felicia, her brother Ryon and Omar.

More and more people showed up as we continued to play Dance Central and Rockband. It was a great night that kind of flew by.. before we knew it was 12:30am and the party was coming to the close. Troy and I hung out in front of Felicia's house chatting and I finally got home around 3am.

One other thing that I was able to do was to finally give the last three Guild members their Lil Guildies Plushies. So Robin, Amy and Vince all got their plushies.

I took lots of video that I hope to cut together and put up on our KOTG youtube channel but I did manage to upload about half my pictures of the night.. you can go to facebook and see them there.


  1. AWESOME!!! So jealous!

  2. Sounds like a good time was had by all. I can verify the workout of Dance Central. I've been using it as my regular exercise routine since I got it.