Monday, December 27, 2010

A DVD Christmas

I always seem to get a ton of DVD's for Christmas but this year was "The Year of the DVD's" for me.

I got all nine seasons of Smallville, now I had asked for these from my brother as I knew he was doing Black Friday at Best Buy and they were selling each season for only $10 each and though I've only seen the first three seasons of Smallville I'm a huge fan and really wanted to see the rest.. so my brother got these for me.

Another deal I couldn't pass up was Madmen, I've never seen the series but have heard such good things from friends that when I saw that they were selling the three seasons on Blu-ray for $10 I couldn't pass it up and bought them... of course they are from Harry to me.

Another series that I love is Kyle XY.. it only lasted three seasons and those too were on sale on Amazon so I picked up all three seasons.

Another series that I'm getting into is True Blood, season 1 was on sale and you guessed it I had to get it. I'm also a huge V fan and have really been enjoying the new series so my brother picked me up season 1 of the new series.

While I was on amazon I got Big Bang Theory season 3 and a very cool kids cartoon that I use to love when I was younger Dungeons and Dragons.

Two more DVD's that I got were Princess Bride (which I was surprised I didn't have already) but I got it on Blu-ray and then my buddy Jeff got me White Christmas

And finally I got two of my all time favorite Scifi/Fantasy films from the 80's Willow and Krull

Like I said tons of DVD.. but I also got some Wii games (Star Wars and Harry Potter), socks, shirts and underwear. Several very cool Harry Potter items (ornaments, pins and a plaque). Oh and I almost forgot my Lord of the Rings Ring.. which is AWESOME.

It was a very good Christmas for me this year


  1. Wow, you scored some great loot! Now to find time to watch all those new DVDs!

  2. I got White Christmas too! :)

  3. Nice, I got BSG compelte series on bluray, 2 seasons of M*A*S*H and (Farscape complete series was delayed by stupid UK airports being snow'd) =)

  4. With all those DVDs now you need a TARDIS so you can keep going back in time to watch all of them. :)