Friday, March 11, 2011

My New iPhone

Well I finally joined the crowd and got me an iphone. My AT&T contract was up today and the fact that my last phone was damaged it was time to get a new phone. And just a few weeks ago AT&T reduced the price of their 3GS iPhones to only $49.99. Now I debated on getting a iPhone or a Droid but in the end the price is what sold me on the iPhone. So I ordered the phone online and it arrived two days later. I took the SIM card out of my old phone and put into my new iphone and everything seemed to be working just fine but I did notice that the phone kept saying I had no data plan selected, which didn't make sense since you can't buy a iPhone without selecting a data plan which I did. So today I called AT&T and when I put in my phone number it said that my phone had not been activated yet, which I thought was strange as I was getting texts and surfing the net (via wifi) but it asked if I wanted to activate it and I said yes thinking this would activate my data plan.

Well a few minutes later I had no service at all and the only thing I could do was use the wifi to surf the net. So I called AT&T again and after chatting with a customer service person I came to find out that you can't just switch your SIM cards like they do in the stores. If you purchase your phone over the internet they give you a brand new SIM card and that phone is attached to that card.. so when I activated the phone it activated the new SIM card (which was sitting on the desk at home) so my phone became useless the last half of the day today. But when I did get home and put in the correct SIM card everything worked fine and the phone is FANTASTIC!!!!


  1. I'm drooling, how aweosme Kenny!

  2. Awesome phone Kenny! And it let's you talk to meeeeee! xo <3