Friday, April 29, 2011

Dedication to My Podcasts

Got a call from Brian Kameoka while I was driving to my Quidditch meeting last night informing me that The Guild was looking for Extras of the second of their Season 5 shoot. And that he wanted Knights of the Guild podcast to have exclusive announcement of it... which is fantastic. Told him I would do a quick News MiniCast and release it asap. I was hoping to do it last night when I got home from the Quidditch meeting but since I went out with Luis for a late dinner I didn't get him until midnight and was way to tired to record a podcast so I opted to get a few hours sleep and then get up around 6am and record, edited and upload the cast. Normally my work start time can vary, which is great as you never know how traffic is going to be but of course today I had a post meeting at 10am at MTV. So I knew I had to leave my house no later then 8am to make it to work on time.  So I had to record, edit and upload a podcast within two hours 6am to 8am.

So I got up, walked the dog and then go to work. Everything went fairly smooth and I finished around 7:45am. Everything was up and I tweeted about the new KOTG News Minicast #7 - Extra, Extra, We Need Extras and headed off to work. About half way to work I start getting texts that there is something wrong with the podcast that about halfway through it the audio drops out. Of course I double check everything and know that the audio was working fine so it must be when I uploaded it to podbean.. something happened. Well I was in the middle of traffic so there was nothing I could do. I tweeted that we were having issues and hope to have it fixed soon. But of course I had my 10 o'clock meeting that was going to last until Noon. Just then I get a call from my lead Assistant Editor who informed me that he will not be coming in due to illness. Well that determined what I had to do next. I could not leave post for two hours with no one here to help if something went wrong. So I informed who I need to inform that I would not be attending the meeting as I needed to stay in post (which was fine). The extra benefit was that I was able to fix the issue with the podcast much sooner then planned. As I got to work around 9:45am I called Harry and had him send me the file so I could check it. Sure enough when he did that file was bad. So it seems that when I outputted the file from Audacity something went wrong.. so I had Harry re-output the file and email it to me in which he did and I uploaded it to podbean replacing the bad file and viola the podcast is back up and running smoothly.

So if you want to listen to it you can download from itunes -, or direct download / listen here

The Guild is looking for Extras.. take a listen to our latest News MiniCast for all the details.

Ebay Auction URL:

Guild Casting, Extra Online Form:

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