Thursday, April 28, 2011

My 1st Quidditch Meeting

Tonight after work I went to my very first Quidditch meeting for the new Los Angeles Community Quidditch team. I was very excited as I've been looking for a team to play with for many years. This was the very first meeting just to see how many people were interested and go over general rules and such.

I left work a little early around 6:30pm as the meeting started at 7:30 I figured an hour would be enough time to go 8.3 miles.. google maps said it would take about 18 minutes but I knew better. Well maybe not well enough as it took me an hour to get there and then ten minutes or so to find parking. So I walked in and there were about 10 or so people already there. I introduced myself and took a seat on the couch. You could tell people were just as excited as I was getting this team started. I did feel a bit awkward as I was clearly the oldest one there. Most looked to be just out of high school or in collage. And they all seemed to know each other. But I did what I do best.. sat quietly in the corner. My friend Luis was suppose to join me but traffic was even worse for him so he didn't get there until nearly the end.

The meeting started and Noa (assuming she'll be our team Captain) started to explain everything, going over the rules, and such. I of course read up on everything I could after watching the Western Cup a few weeks back. We discussed times to practise. I think we are doing Thursday evenings in the Burbank area and Sunday evenings in the Los Angeles area.. now of course if it was the opposite (Sunday in Burbank and Thursdays in Los Angeles)  that would be more ideal for me as I live closer to Burbank so I could get there easier on Sundays and I work closer to Los Angeles and could make practise on time on Thursdays.. but now I'll be driving to LA on Sundays and from Santa Monica to Burbank on Thursdays. But nothing is set in stone so things may change as well as my job is I'm not at a fixed location.

We voted on the name of our Quidditch team and the winner was Hollywood Harpies, wouldn't have been my first choice, would rather have been Hollywood Hippogriffs but the majority of the people (being woman) did like it so that is our team name. We couldn't decide on our colors yet so that will be saved for a later date. We set up a date for next Thursday to build our hoops and such. They are planning an unofficial practice on Sunday (Mother's Day), but I'll be working for The Guild that day but it is later at night so I might be able to stop by for some practice.

All in all it was a good first meeting, really looking forward to getting started. I hope to not only have fun but to lose weight as well as it's requires lots of running back and forth. Need to pick up some pads, googles and a cup for protection.. and some sort of faux broom for practice. I'm sure I'll be doing video and pictures of the practices.. I might even to a podcast about it... so stay tuned for my wild Quidditch adventure.

After the meeting Luis and I went out for a late dinner and geeked out about Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.. a great way to end a fun night.

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