Saturday, April 30, 2011

Knights of the Guild Meet Tech Barbarians

After doing yard work for the past five hours I was tired and sore but my day had just begun. My friends Chris and Mark from the Tech Barbarians podcast were visiting from Atlanta and we were having a party at our friends Teal's house. We decided to do a joint podcast since Jenni and I do Knights of the Guild and Chris and Mark do Tech Barbarians. Both Jenni and I have been guests on Tech Barbarians so we figured why not have Chris and Mark be guests on Knights of the Guild. But there was planning to do.

After my yard work I took a shower and got cleaned. I then went to the super market to pick up beer, soda and snacks (we were ordering pizza and pasta for dinner later in the evening). I got to Teals place at 6 and unloaded my jeep with her help. We started to set up everything. Chris and Mark were stuck in traffic. Jenni arrived first, then Teal's boyfriend Ali. Around 7 Chris, his wife and 3 daughters along with Mark showed up. Jay (Guild Crew), Gabriel (I Hearth Geek Podcaster), Edgar (Guild Wedmaster), Teddy (Guild's Brusier), and Sean (Guild director) arrived as well as the food and everyone started to eat. We wanted to start the podcast around 7pm but as it always happens we got off to a late start and started the podcast around 8.

I had no notes, no structure planned, and for those who know me that's very unusual. So it was kind of chaotic. But everyone seemed to have alot of fun and the end the night we all played Beatles Rockband. We recorded about 2 hours of podcast material which I get the pleasure of editing down. And the party lasted for about 4 1/2 hours. Brett (Guild's Mr. Wiggly) did show up about 11pm and joined in the fun. All in all it was a fun night. It was great meeting Chris and Mark, both just as much fun in person as they are over skype. It was great hanging with friends and playing Rockband.

The party did go a bit longer then I had expected as I had to get up at 4am to take Harry's family to the airport.. but that's for another blog.

You can watch/listen to the podcast here. Password KOTG

Check out more pictures HERE

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