Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Guild Season 5 - Day Five

Today is Day Five of the Guild shoot for Season Five. Because of my current job I'm not able to be on set everyday like I was the the past three seasons. I was actually working my other job (via email and phone) and working on set... But I have learned a lot from those previous seasons and have come up with a system to keep track of all the scenes, who I have interviewed and what we have talked about. So I put that to the test today and it worked out great. I got some great interviews with Amy, Sandeep, Vince, Robin and Jeff.

Got to meet some new people on set... that's one thing I love about working on The Guild are the people you get to meet. Some you instantly click with and know you'll be friends with that person the rest of your life, some it takes time to warm up to, but soon you become buddies and then there are those who seem to put up a wall and for whatever reason don't like you. Luckily there aren't many of those kind of people working on The Guild.

Anyways.. another great shoot day.. can't say much or where we were.. but it was good times. They are shooting tomorrow but unfortunately I won't be able to attend. Then there is a break for a week and then we start back up in May.

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