Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dad Update 6

Just got off the phone with my Dad.. he had his first chemo today. I guess he's been taking several chemo pills the past few days, and though they made him sick the first few days he is feeling better today and it's starting to take down the swelling in his face. Today he went in to the hospital and they gave him another chemo pill and 3 different chemo liquid solutions. He said he was in there for about three hours while they pumped the chemo in. He seemed in good spirits. He goes back to the hospital Thursday and Friday for hydration, one of the side effect of the chemo. Then next week they will decide if they will do radiation as well as chemo to get rid of these tumors faster.

Yesterday he sounded horrible and sick.. today he sounded much better and happy with the results of the chemo so far. Will find out in a few weeks if the chemo is actually shrinking the tumors or not. Here's hoping for the best.

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