Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kenobi's 2nd Birthday Party

So my little guy is now two years old and let me tell ya they don't exaggerate when the call them the terrible twos. But he got better as the party went on. They went with the baseball ballpark theme/ various sports theme. As always it was great to see the family. I got to hang out with my Dad for a bit which is great. The chemo is working and started to shrink the tumors and the left side of his face is started to go back to normal.. so those results put my Dad in a really good mood.. which is nice to see. Got to spend a good few hours talking to my aunt Joyce who I miss very much. We caught up on each other lives. Some of Mike's friends are really great.. some.. not so much. Got to visit with Lora's family which is always nice. And got to see Cindy and her youngest daughter who I remember when they brought her home from the hospital... she new just graduated High School.. man I feel old... but all in all it was a pretty good visit.

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