Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Week Later

Well it's been one week since Harry and I said goodbye. And this is the first weekend were I'm home completely alone. But I can say I'm doing much better then I was last weekend. I spent the entire weekend alone crying on and off. But this weekend I'm doing much better. I mean my heart still hurts and I'm sure it will for a while but I'm learning to live with that feeling. I'm keeping busy with work and podcasting but also cleaning up the house. Now that Daisy is gone I'm giving the house a good cleaning to get rid of all her hair. I'm kind of "spring" cleaning, getting rid of stuff that I haven't used in a year. It's going to take several weeks, maybe even months but I'll have streamlined my belongings soon. One of these weekends I'm going to tackle the garage where all my toys are being stored. Anyways.. I'm happy to report that one week later I'm doing better and I want to thank all my friends in real life and online for all your love and support.


  1. I am glad for you. I have my own heartaches right now, my sister-in-love's fiancee died suddenly on Tuesday night. It is very sad for my family, so we can hurt together. I am doing okay, but my in-love family is hurting right now. I've never been so thankful to be a teacher, and to have my own little haven to go to on Monday. It has always kept me really busy, so that is very good. Hang in there!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you and Harry broke up. If it's any help, you're not alone. My girlfriend just dumped me on the 16th. We'd only been dating a few months (which is no 8 years), but it's never easy. Hang in there.