Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Daisy

This morning Daisy begins her adventure to relocate to Austria. When Harry decided to go back to Austria after our break up we both knew he was going to take our dog Daisy. Though we both love her dearly it's clear that Daisy sees Harry has the alpha and adores him. We've had her for six years and Harry has been with her everyday for those six years.

Now we didn't want to go with shipping Daisy like a piece of luggage in the haul of an airplane. So Harry researched and found a company that does door to door service. They also handle all the paperwork to get through customs and such. They come to your house and pick her up and and personally make sure she gets on the plane in a special "pet's only" section and then they fly with her to Austria and deliver her to Harry's front door. It's a long process and extremely expensive (over $6000) but Daisy is like our child and totally worth it.

I got up around 6am to spend some final time with Daisy, lots of petting. I took her for several walks as I knew the flight was a long one (27 hours with layovers). At around 8:45 the driver showed up and we loaded up her crate. Daisy seemed to like him and wasn't as scared as I thought she would be. I mean she loves going places in the car so when the guy said "come on Daisy, let's go for a ride" she immediately jumped in the van and with a little coaching from me she went into the crate. He said he would take good care of her. Since her flight isn't until later in the day 3pmish, he planned on letting her out and walk around at the airport a bit. Of course he could have just left in there all day but I would like to think that he would keep his word, he seemed like a really nice guy.

So I said my final goodbye and she wasn't wining or anything, which made me feel better as I figure she would think that I was giving her away to a stranger. But I know in the end when she sees Harry all will be forgotten and she will be a much happier little girl.

Now the worse part is waiting over those 27 yours for a text from Harry letting me know arrived safely and is extremely happy to see him.

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