Saturday, February 18, 2012

Comic Book Men Ep 1 Review

Comic Book Men is a new reality series focused on a New Jersey-based comic book shop, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, which is owned by Kevin Smith. Smith appears in the series via narrative interstitial of a sort, wherein he and the shop's employees gather to record a podcast, but the show focuses on the shop's three employees and a non-employee who's perpetually hanging out at the store. It premiered Sunday on AMC and will be running for six episodes.

I finally sat down and watched the first episode and I have to say that overall I really enjoyed this series. I found it funny and entertaining. There were a few times where I felt as if they were "being" mean to people, and honestly that would be my only complaint. Now I know they are all "geeks" in their own right but does that give them the right to be mean to other "geeks", I don't think it does but that might just be me.

This episode has three storyline going. One was Kevin and the employees doing a video podcast, which I mentioned. They talk about various geek topics or stuff that would happen in the store.. then the second storyline had people come into the store and try and sell things to them. This is where I think they were cruel to a few of those customers (of course they didn't do in front of them but when they would leave). The final storyline was two of the employees and the guy who just hangs around have a competition to sell the most stuff at a flea market. Again lots of making fun of flea market "type" people. But it had it's funny moments. Some heartbreaking moments was then one of the guys had some Star Trek collector plates, which I collect and he was selling for $10 (crazy good deal), but when the none employee guy went over and smashed two of the plates on the ground (trying to be funny) I was not laughing. It was hard to watch someone who didn't care about these things just smash something that I put a lot of love and value into.. and he did it just to be an ass.

Other then a few faults as I mentioned I did enjoy this first episode and I'll be back to watch the second one this Sunday.

You can watch the full episode here

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  1. I actually loved this show, my wife is a reality show junky and Ive had to watch them just for expediencies sake. Finally I have one that I can get into, AND she doesn't hate it either. If mamory serves, the Jay and Silent Bobs secret stah podcast has been around for a while, although I may be thinking os SMODcast and Tell'em Steve Dave! podcasts. It has inspired me to take a trek to the store to pay homage!