Saturday, February 18, 2012


Just watched the pilot of this new Fox tv series called Touch for a second time, didn't blog about it the first time so I thought I would give my thoughts on this new series.

The pilot previewed on January 25th and the series will began on March 19th.

Kiefer Sutherland portrays Martin Bohm, a single father with an 11-year-old son who has an obsession with numbers and the ability to see interconnections within the universe, sometimes even predicting the future.

The creator is Tim Kring who also created Heroes and this pilot had that same feeling. I don't know how to explain it but this pilot just lifts your spirits, makes your heart smile. I love the idea that everyone on this planet is connected, that certain people are suppose to meet, that actions by one person can change the live of people thousands of miles away. It makes this world feel very small. That everyone is important to someone else. The last act of this pilot had me in tears the entire time. It was beyond moving, you spend the entire pilot seeing snips of different people's live and then at the end you find out that they are all connected, everything that happened was meant to be..  it's just crazy cool.

Can't wait for this series to start. You can watch the Pilot online HERE 

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  1. Its like we are on the same page today, I was just attempting to rewatch this, my wife missed it, but couldnt find it on Tivo or On Demand! At the time it didnt strike me, but as I reflect on the pilot I am amazed a how emotionally devastating the "cell phone" being lost could have been!