Sunday, February 12, 2012

Disneyland with Guildies

My weekend of fun continues with a visit to Disneyland. If you read my previous post you know Chris, Anthony, Jes, Brian and I rented a hotel room across the street from Disneyland. We got up, had some breakfast and headed over to Disneyland. Got there around 8:30am and picked up Jes' ticket. Aaron, Rupert, Jen and Kim joined us and we made our way into the park. This was Jes' first time at Disneyland so we stopped by guest service to get a 1st Time button for her.

Our first stop was Star Tours to get a fast pass, we then stopped by the magic castle to get a group picture. After that we went to Adventure Land to ride Indiana Jones ride. We then made our way to Splash Mountain. Now I wasn't thrilled about this as I didn't want to get wet. We got in line and Robert joined us. This was the first time I got to meet Robert, we chat on facebook and twitter, and I may have seen him on set of The Guild but we never chatted. Got on the ride and got totally wet, well we all did but I have to say it was fun riding this with all my friends and all of us getting wet.

After Splash Mountain we headed over to The Haunted Mansion and pretty much just walked on to that ride. It was a first for many of the folks in my group. After that it was Big Thunder Mountain. I enjoy this roller coaster and had a great time trying to take pictures while on the ride. 

After Big Thunder we headed back to Star Tours to use our fast pass. Of course all of us being big geeks and Star Wars fans this was one ride everyone was looking forward to. We all had passes except Robert because he joined our party late but it just so happen that Aaron found a valid fast pass so Robert was able to join us... yay. Before we got on the ride we got another fast pass for a later time. We then rode Star Tours and had an fantastic time. The ride is great but again it's the people who are on the ride with you that can make it fantastic or just okay.. we had a fantastic energetic group.

Once we got off Star Tours Robert's friends had arrived so we parted ways. Kim also had to get going for some family time. So the rest of us went to grab some lunch. Half of us wanted Corn Dogs from the Little Red Wagon and the other half wanted gumbo. So we went our separate ways and met back up in the dining area. While we were walking to get corn dogs Chris made the comment about getting two corn dogs and somehow we got on the topic of putting both corn dogs into his mouth. Since we are both fans of How I Meet Your Mother he mentioned a "slap" bet. That's were the winner of the bet get's to slap the loser across the face. So I made Chris a slap bet that he could not put both corn dogs into his mouth at the same time. So when we had our dogs and were sitting down Chris attempted to put both corn dogs into his mouth.. well all I have to say is Chris has a big mouth and managed to get both of them in there. So I lost the slap bet and now have to wait until that moment when Chris decided to slap me.

After lunch Chris, Anthony, Jes, Jen, Aaron, Rupert, Brian and I headed over to Fantasy land and Toon Town before taking the train back to main street and headed over to Disney's California Adventures but first we meet up with Jerry and Gina making our party 10. We were making our way to Tower of Terror when "beer" caught the eye of several folks who will remain nameless. When said person heard that California Adventure served beer they couldn't wait to get over there. After grabbing some beer and soda we got in line for Tower of Terror. I made the mistake of telling Anthony that have been working on not getting embarrassed by others so of course he grabs me and yells to everyone around that "Kenny gets embarrassed" over and over. Of course everyone looks over at us and I'm wrestling to escape from his embrace. It was good times.

We finished Tower of Terror (one of my favorite over in this park) and then made our way to Monsters Inc but the wait for it was crazy and though I like the ride didn't think it was worth it.. so instead we did Muppet Vision 3D. After Muppet's we headed over to Screaming but the line was long so we got a fast pass and decided to get in line for Toy Story Mania. We waited for over an hour in that line but luckily everyone seemed to really enjoy the ride.  While we were in line we noticed that we were one person down. Aaron had slipped away and no knew where he was. Come to find out that he went to get a drink and couldn't find his way back to us and since his phone was dead he couldn't call. So he went back to his car to charge his phone.

After Mania we meet back up with Aaron and rode Screaming, everyone really enjoyed that one. After Screaming we did Soarin over California. Jes really enjoyed that one and I hadn't ridden it in a while so that was fun. By this time it was dark and ElecTRONica  was going so we headed over and went to Flynn's Arcade. Everyone LOVED Flynn's, we played old school video games, got some drinks and just hung out and rested for a bit. We meet up with Jessica and her two nieces.

We headed back to Disneyland to Star Tour for a second time with our fast passes. Since Jessica and her 2 nieces didn't have passes they went on to something else. We did have one extra pass (Kim got one and had to leave before using it) so we offered it to Jerry or Gina and Gina was kind enough to let Jerry use it. So we got on Star Tours and I asked for the front and all but three of use were in the front row (which is always a blast). This was a special ride because Brian from our group was chosen to be the Rebel Spy.

Aaron left after Star Tours and we met back up with the others. We then headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean and attempted to get on that ride for the second time but once again it was closed so instead we did Indiana Jones for a second time. Jessica had these fast passes that you could use up to 6 people with each pass. We had 12.. but then Luis joined in on the fun. So Brian rested while 12 of us went on Indiana Jones. After Indy Jerry and Gina left.

We then went over to Michael Jackson's Captain EO Tribute show. I love this show, I mean it's cheesy and the effect aren't the best (well they were when this first premiered over 15 years ago) but I still love it. Some of the folks had never seen this but seemed to be less thrill when it was over.

After Captain EO we made our way to Space Mountain for a second time.  Again with the help of Jessica's fast pass we got on in no time and this time Luis and I rode in the very front and experience the ride in a whole different way.

We thought Space Mountain would be our last ride but as we were walking by Star Tour we noticed that the line was only 20 minutes so we got in and rode it for a third time.

At this time it was around 11:30pm, park closed at midnight but we all called it a night. We said our goodbyes to everyone and Jes, Anthony and I headed back to my jeep. Chris was taking Jen home and then going to my place to crash for the night.

And for those wondering about the slap bet, Chris never slapped me but loved the fact that he tortured me all day with the threat of a slap.. good times.

I dropped off Anthony around 1am and got to the freeway when he texted me that he had left his phone in my car so we had to turn around and go back. We finally made it home around 2am. Chris was already passed out. And Jes and I soon followed.

It was a FANTASTIC trip to Disneyland. I love Disneyland but it's the people you go with that make it special and this group of friends that went were as special as they get.  Thanks to Chris, Jes, Anthony, Jen, Rupert, Luis, Aaron, Brian, Robert, Kim, Jerry, Gina and Jessica for making this a very memorable Disneyland trip.

You can check out more photos HERE

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