Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Montana Trip (overview)

So I've been home a few days now and had time to reflect on my 16 day trip to Montana. Some have asked why I even took the trip to Montana in the first place. Well that's an easy answer, it was for my best bud Chris. Chris is in the Air Force and they relocated him from CA to MT. When it was official and he was leaving CA for at least 3 years I didn't hesitate and told him I would love to "road trip" up to Montana with him. I knew he was driving his uhaul up by himself and that it would take several days to get there. I didn't want him to do it alone and the fact that I was out of work and with no work on the horizon I figured it was a perfect time for me to join him.

Now I didn't know it would turn into 16 days, when I first suggested that I go up with him I figured it would be for a week. We planned to take four days to drive up and then a few days to find him an apartment. As it got closer to us leaving I found out that the military gives him ten days to settle in before he starts his new position. So now instead of staying for a week I figured I would stay until he started his new job and spend as much time as I could with him. Not only to help him get settled in, but because he's awesome and I won't be seeing him on a regular bases for 3 years.

I didn't really have any expectations for this trip. As I said previously I just wanted to spend as much time with Chris as possible. The actual road trip happened a bit faster then we initially planned. It was suppose to be a four day road trip but turned into a three day road trip, which meant we didn't stop alot for pictures (one of my favorite things to do on road trips). Chris drove the entire time, I think he was afraid of me driving the uhaul and trailer. We had some fun conversations and great singing sessions. The drives actually flew by and it felt like we were in Montana in no time.

He thought it would be hard finding a place that he'd like.. but in a matter of two days we had two places that were exactly what he was looking for. I think he choose the better of the two places and we moved everything in and still had nine days before he had to start work. We spent most of those nine days watching movies that I had never seen (I must have watched over 20 movies that Chris wanted me to see) He also introduced me to video games like Assassin Creeds, inFamous, Borderlands, Fables, Legend of Zelda and Mario Bros. I'm not a big gamer so this was alot of fun and very frustrating at times.

For being with someone for 24/7 16 days in a row we got along fantastic. Chris and I have a unique relationship. He's very laid back and I'm a bit high strung. We're both nice guys and both very stubborn. He likes to poke fun at me and at times I would poke back (not as much as he would have liked). There may have been a few times we got on each others nerves but it never lasted long. If Chris was a gay man he would be a perfect partner for me, or if we lived together he'd be a great roommate. I had a fantastic 16 days in Montana and like I have mentioned in previous blogs it was very difficult to leave.

It's true what they say. "Friends are those you want to do things with, Best Friends are those you want to do nothing with."  Chris and I did lots of nothing and it was AWESOME!!!

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