Friday, April 20, 2012

A New Podcast

Crashed at Josh's place at 3am, we slept until around 8am and then kind of dozed and chatted until about 10:30am when I finally got up and made my way home. Got home around noon and watched a bit a TV.

There was one picture from our "Geek Mod" photo shoot that I just loved, I mean I loved them all but this was my favorite so yesterday I went to Walmart and had them blow it up to 16x20. Today when I got home I had it framed and hung it above my fireplace.. it looks AWESOME!!!

My buddy Chris was participating in a charity Minecraft Hunger Game event. I watched that for a bit but had to get ready for dinner with my friends Teal and Ali.

Teal has a new webseries coming out soon called 'My Gimpy Life', I saw the pilot a year or so ago and it's finally going into production. When I heard she was going into production I offered my services and of course since I'm a podcaster and Companioncasts were very popular with The Guild websereis I suggested that we do companioncasts for My Gimpy Life and she liked the idea. So today besides dinner we discussed plans for the podcast. We also recorded a promo and a pre-show podcast that talks about the series and creator Teal. It's something to post to get folks excited for the upcoming series. I'm not sure when it will be released.. probably a few weeks before the actual show is released.. so stay tuned for that. The podcast is called My Gimpy Life Podcast (I know very original :))

After hanging out with those guys I came home and jumped back online to watch Chris and the Minecraft charity event.

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  1. Omg.. I've been looking forward for My Gimpy Life for so long, and your guild companion cast was awesome!