Saturday, April 21, 2012

Charity, Friends and Drunk Texts

Today my bestie Chris was participating in a Minecraft charity event. It actually started on Friday was was going 24 hours and my buddy Chris was on almost all 24 hours with a few hours of sleep in between. Anyways they were doing these Minecraft Hunger Games and Chris was a tribute in one of  the games. Even with my crappy internet I watched the live feed off and on for about 12 hours. I did watch Chris' Hunger Game and even made a donation/sponsor and got Chris a diamond sword which he is contributing to his win. It was pretty epic watching him take out the last tribute and become the sole tribute left standing. They raised over $1300 for a children's charity. I think it was quite successful.

Later in the day my friend Jen came over. She is going to be an extra tomorrow for a shoot that is happening at my house so she decided to come early so we could visit. Jen is one of my best girlfriends and we always have a blast when we visit. She and I can have some very "interesting" conversations. :) Tonight was extra special because our friend, well one of my best buds Robert was home enjoying some wine and texting both of us.... well drunk texting us. He entertained us for a few hours. We kept handing each other our phone to see if we could decipher his texts... loads of fun. This is why I don't keep my phone on me when I drink, you always regret those texts the next morning. :)

It was a fun night, we had pizza and watched some TV and enjoyed each other's company.

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