Monday, June 11, 2012

Dinner with a Long Lost Friend

Today I had dinner with my buddy Christopher, Christopher and I have been friends for many, many years but recently for whatever reason we haven't talked or hung out for over nine months. No real reason for not hanging, we didn't have a disagreement, we just stopped talking. Anyways we finally made plans to have dinner at Islands. It was great seeing him and catching up. Both of us have had many changes in our lives since we chatted last. We kind of knew the going ons of each other since we are facebook and twitter friends so we would see each others info but it was great finally sitting down and just chatting. We hung out at Islands for over three hours (kind of felt bad for the waiter).

And as we called it a night we swore that we wouldn't let another nine months pass before we saw each other again. We're both extremely busy but our friendship is something worth making time for.

After hanging with Christopher I was near my buddy Sebastian's place so I thought I would stop by and say hi. When I got there he was actually heading out to pick up his girlfriend so I only got to see him for a few minutes.

It was a fun night

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