Monday, June 11, 2012

Gamer Girl, Country Boy - Behind the Scenes

Felicia released her new music video that she did with Jason Charles Miller today, called Gamer Girl, Country Boy. I mentioned this shoot a few months back on my blog but couldn't say much... now I can. They shot all of Felicia's rockband stuff in my living room as well as all the outside on the dirt road stuff on my property.
I was excited when Sean Becker (the director) asked me if he could use my place. He previously asked if he could shoot a new Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour at my place (which we actually shot the following weekend). Of course I said yes and was excited to hear this new song. I'm a huge country music fan and I've enjoy Jason's previous songs. I also love Felicia's Guild songs so this was a win win for me. Sean also asked me to find two girls to play in Felicia's band and I got my bestie Jen and my former co-host of Knights of the Guild Podcast Jenni to join us.

The day started early, they had shot all of Jason's stuff yesterday and today was Jason and Felicia's outdoor stuff with the truck and then of course Felicia's rockband group. It was just a handful of crew. They scouted where they were going to shoot outside. I have lots of property and it's fairly recluse but you can see houses in the background and they were trying to avoid it. They picked a spot just off the main road to my place at the top of my property. They shot all of the outdoor stuff during the day. It was hot, very hot and poor pale Felicia had to stay under umbrellas to keep from burning. They shoot from about 10am to 3pm before heading inside to do the rockband sequence. They chose my living room to shoot in. It has the nice fireplace and the wall colors worked for them.

We had to move some furniture around to accommodate for the cameras but once that and lighting was done they were ready to shoot. They did the entire song with everyone playing four or five times then they did close ups of Felicia a few times and then a close up of Jen on drums once. Jason joined in and I mentioned that I could teach them to line dance if they wanted to and then Sean said "why don't you line dance in the background".. it will be so random and awesome. Of course I love line dancing and I never miss an opportunity to get into one of Felicia's shows :) So I lined dance for a few different takes and I think in the end the video turned out pretty great. I loved the song when I first heard it and after hearing over and over again on set I still love it.


  1. Must have been awesome. Thanks for sharing. It was good to see you and Jenni together again. Everyone did an awesome job. I'm like hell there Jen and Jenni. Then boom! Kenny. Loved it.

  2. So cute and fun! Loved seeing Jen, Jenni and you! You have a great sense of rhythm. :)-JL

  3. I do believe that was a textbook example of "busting a move" :)