Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Got A Job!!!!!

Today while I organized my toy collection I got call, well actually missed a call from a person I interviewed with a few weeks back. When I noticed the message a few hours later I took a listen and he said to call him back ASAP as he might have a job for me. I then noticed that I got an email from the woman who I interviewed with as well asking me to call her ASAP. So I called the guy and let him a message and then called the woman. She was on the other line and said she would like to make me an offer on the position that I interviewed for and was denied a few weeks back.. I was surprised but happy. This is the job that, after the interview, I swore I was going to get.. we all just clicked. So I was shocked when I got the call and they decided to go with someone else.

So I waited for this call, it sounded like she was going to call me as soon as she got off the other line. Two hours pass and still nothing, then I get a call and it's the guy that I left the message with, he says that the post supervisor job that I interviewed with has opened up again, I won't go into details but I told him that I already contacted "the woman" and I'm waiting for her to call me back with an offer. He gave me the low down on what he's looking for and it sounded once again that I'd be a perfect match. He said he would talk with this woman and she would call me back. So I wait.. and wait until around 7pm I get a call from this woman and she makes me an offer. It's not what I asked for or what I was making at MTV but it's close and I'm very happy to accept it... so I officially got the job.

I start on Monday, it's located in the Santa Monica area (that's a bummer, but doable), the gig last 10 weeks with the possibility of going over a bit. Not my longest gig, but it's 10 weeks of work that I wouldn't have and the money is good so I can save up again. The company is called High Noon Entertainment, they produce shows such as Cake Boss for TLC, VH1’s Tough Love, TLC's Next Great Baker, TLC’s Kitchen Boss, and The Weather Channel's  Hurricane Hunters.

The show that I'll be working on is called Guinness World Records Gone Wild, it's a new series for TruTV.

So I'm very excited to be getting back to work. I hope with this new company once this show is over that I have impressed them enough that they will want to keep me around for their next show. I'm sure once I start working I'll be blogging how things are going.. so stay tuned.

Also what made this night even better is that my best friend Chris called me from Montana while at work to congratulate me. He was almost as excited as me.. this is why I love him so much.



  2. AWESOME! Now you just go and do what you always do: a great job. I'm sure this one will be a very good one and it'll last longer than what you expect.

    Congrats, my friend!

  3. Congratulations Kenny! I sincerely hope and pray that this leads to something stable for you. You've earned.

  4. Yay Kenny! I'll bake you a batch of cookies for SDCC! :D