Saturday, June 16, 2012

You Take The Good With The Bad

Today was my nephew Kenobi's 3rd birthday party, his actual birthday was a few weeks ago. My brother and sister-in-law went all out and was having a big party. I got there a few hours early to hang out with my family and to help set up.

My brother rented this huge blow up water slide. Kenobi loves the water and he totally loved this. Of course as soon as it was ready I got in to cool down my feet and soon I heard Kenobi say.. Unk.. Unk and lifting his arms telling me he wanted to get in. We changed him into his swim trunks and started to slid. We were having a blast until our 15 or so slid and I snagged my left hand ring finger on the side of the slide as I was going down and hear a pop.. at first I thought I broke it but then realized that I dislocated it, it was twisted and when I went to bend it, it bent at an angle.

I quickly iced it down which didn't really help as the base of my finger and knuckle area quickly swelled up. After icing it for an hour or so I asked my brother if he had any kind of medical tape so I could tape the bad finger to the finger next to it. My brother just moved and couldn't find anything. So I asked my Dad and he had some gauze tubing stuff so I used that and then used packing tape. My friend Timmy suggested putting something ridge in there to keep me from bending it.. so we ventured into the garage and after a bit of digging we found a paint stirrer.. so we through that in there before taping it all up. It may have looked funny but it did the trick. It kept me from hitting it and being in pain.

I spent the rest of the party watching my nephew play in the water. I wasn't in pain but a bit of discomfort. One of my favorite moments was when a friend of the family gave Kenobi this animatronic dinosaur.. this thing was AWESOME.. I would love to have one of these thing. Kenobi's reaction was priceless..

I left around 6pm. Dropped off my buddy Timmy at his place, grabbed a burrito from my favorite Mexican place Miguel Jr's and then drove home. I took some Advil to help with swelling. I got various advice from wrapping it, which I did to going to emergency and having xrays done. I didn't feel it was that bad but will see how I feel tomorrow.

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