Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July with Family

Didn't really have any plans for the fourth of July, I did get the day off from work, which was nice. But I did get a call from my mom a few days ago letting me know that she was going to have a BBQ and watch the boat show. Since I didn't have anything to do and I haven't seen my mom in months, figure it was a good time to visit.

The morning got off to a rocky start as my stomach wasn't doing so hot and I wanted to leave by 9am in order to get to my mom's by 11am.. well I didn't get out to the door until 10:30ish. Luckily there was no traffic for 2/3's of the trip and I did mange to get to my mom's around 12:15pm.

Also joining the BBQ besides my Mom and Chuck, were my brother Michael, sister-in-law Lora, nephew Kenobi, and niece Molly. My aunt Joyce, uncle Marty, cousin Matt and his friend Chris. Also my Grandma.

We had a nice BBQ, watched the cool boat parade in the harbor and there was this cool guy with one of those awesome rocket water jet packs so he was floating above the water.. it was pretty cool. Lora took some video and posted it to Facebook.. you can see it HERE. Also several of the family members when out boating on the water. We spent the last four hours playing Cards Against Humanity. Played with my brother, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, cousin and his friend. This was all of their first time and they all seemed to love it. I wasn't sure how some of the cards would go over but everyone laughed so much and we all had a great time.

We all called it a night around 6ish and I got back on the road. I haven't gone food shopping in two weeks since I've been putting in alot of hour with this new job but I had no more food in the house so I stopped by the store to pick up some yummies before heading home. I got home around 8:30pm, was going to try and do some editing of some podcasts but instead I ate dinner and just watched TV for an hour before calling it a night and hitting the hay.

All in all it was a fun Fourth of July (though I didn't actually see any Fireworks)

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