Thursday, July 5, 2012

Settling In To The New Job

Three weeks in and I'm starting to settle in to the new gig. They are in the middle of shooting episodes for the new series I'm working on. I've been to set a few days and it looks pretty great. Things here in post are moving along nicely.. nothing too crazy.. yet. I'm liking my co-workers which is always a big plus. My boss is great and I have one of the best AE's that I've ever had. I know I can leave things in her hands and not worry that something will go wrong.. I had that at my last job and it helps so much.

Besides work stuff.. I'm getting things ready for SDCC this year. It just hit me today that I still have my hotel booking that I did last year. But since I'm staying at the Guildie townhouse I need to cancel it. Only took a few minutes but my reservation has been cancelled. Can't wait to Comic Con this year.

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