Friday, October 12, 2012

Interviewing Greg and Red 5 (Podcasting)

Today was another interview day. I booked some time with my super busy friend Greg Aronowitz. We haven't had a good one on one conversation in over a year (can't believe that). Got to his place around noon and decided to go out to lunch. I always enjoy my lunches with Greg, we catch up on each other life but my favorite part when talking to Greg are the amazing stories he has, he's been in the industry for a long time and have worked with so many great artists, like Spielberg and Lucas. I could just sit there all day and listen to him talk.

We had a nice lunch and then headed back to the barnyard (what's Greg's place is called). Set up and then started the recording. I first did a quick interview with him on the work he did with My Gimpy Life for my My Gimpy Life Podcast. He created the book cover that Felicia's is reading in Episode 4.

After that we talked about The Guild season six for the next hour and fifteen. Lot's of cool insight and little known information. After I as done with that I interviewed him for my other podcast Confessions of a Fanboy, he talked his love for Star Wars. This has got to be one of my favorite Confessions and I can't wait to get it out there for all to hear.

Once Greg was done I sat down and interviewed Alynne (Red 5). She was the art director for The Guild season six. We talked for a good hour about all sorts of cool behind the scenes stuff. One of her assistants was at the Barnyard as well and she worked on season six so I did a quick interview with Carrie. After that I went back to Red 5 to interview her about her big love, Disney. This would be another Confessions of a Fangirl. It was another fantastic episode.

So I thought this would be a three hour visit but it turned into a seven hour visit and it was awesome. After the interviews we all just kind of sat around can talked for bit.

Afterwards I headed home and of course got stuck in traffic. I stopped by Lowes around 9pm to pick up paint for the house, as this was going to start tomorrow. I had an idea of what colors I wanted (something similar to what I already have). I had to keep reminding myself that these colors aren't for me, they are to appeal to the new owners. So I got a ton paint and headed home.

A bit after I got home my friend Jen arrived. She was staying the night as she was going to help me tomorrow with painting my house.

It was a very productive podcasting day.. and I got to hang out with one of the coolest guys I know. 

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