Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Fun Sunday Hanging with Jen

Today started off where last night ended... more Minecraft. I was waiting for me friend Jen to arrive. She had planned to hang with me today. I only got about a half hour of play in before she arrived. I said goodbye to Chris and hello to Jen.. We talked for a bit, Jen and my conversations are never boring. For some reason she and I can talk about anything and be brutally honest and not be embarrassed. That's something that I have always loved about your relationship.

The conversation turned to Chris and my secret project which she is a part of and the creative juices started to flow.  For the next few hours we discussed "things" about the project. She had some great input and insight.

Around 1pm we took a break and went to El Pollo Loco to eat some lunch. Once back we skyped chatted with Chris and the three of us brainstormed about the secret project (I can't wait until i can share this with everyone). We spent a few hours going over things.

Jen came to visit but she was also answering the "request for help" with my house. So she and I went out back and pulled weeds for a half hour. She realized my frustration, after you spend a half hour out there on your hands and knees and your tired then you look back at what you did and it looks as though you've barely done anything. 

We came inside for a break and we sat down to record a Confessions of a Fanboy/girl. It was an interesting conversation because she is a fangirl of punk rock music. I should have the podcast edited and uploaded early this week. After the podcast we planned to go back out to the yard and finish pulling weeds in this section of property but instead we talked for the next two hours. We talked about everything and it was fantastic. Around 7:30pm I was getting hungry so I made some spaghetti for dinner. Jen wasn't hungry so I ate while we watched LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out. She loved it. It was now a little after 8 and she was going to call it a night and head back home to Anaheim. I appreciate her driving all the way up here to help me out.

After she left I watched Once Upon A Time S2 Episode 2 with my bestie Chris. Wow what an amazing episode. This series continues to amaze me and it is by far my favorite new series on TV right now. So it was a great ending to a fantastic day.

Thanks Jen for visiting today, for great conversations, for helping with the yard work, for your contribution to our "secret project", for recording a Confessions podcast with me and of course for your friendship, which means the world to me.

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  1. <3 awww, thanks Kenny! I always enjoy hanging out and our time together! :D