Saturday, October 13, 2012

Painting the House - Day One

Jen and I got up around 8ish, had some breakfast before going out front and starting this painting adventure. I had put the call out to friends several weeks ago asking for assistance and Jen is the only one to answer. I know folks had other plans but I have to admit I was hoping that more of my friends would come to help out.... oh well Jen and I will tackle this monster paint job.

I had hoped that Jen and I would be able to knock out the front of the house today... I should have known better. It was hot and the front of the house has alot of weird angles and trim. Three hours in and we had barely painted anything. Our arms were tired and we were hot and exhausted.  We took a lunch break and headed to El Pollo Loco.

Got back to the house and jumped back in. Jen had to leave at 3:30pm so I continued solo until the sun went down. I tried my best to get at least one coat of the main color on the wall and I did manage that for 2/3's of the front of the house.

I called it a night when it got so dark that I couldn't see what I was doing anymore. I came inside and worked on organizing all the media (podcasts) that I had recorded over the past few days. During this time my buddies Rupert and Aaron arrived. They were going to stay the night so they could help tomorrow with the painting. 

Needless to say I was very disappointed in the amount of work that I actual got done. With a bit more help I'm hoping to accomplish more tomorrow. I hope to finish at least the front of the house by tomorrow evening... will see.

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