Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hanging with my Bestie.. Kind of

Spent the morning cleaning up around the house, checking emails, looking at job listings, watching a bit of recorded TV.

The bulk of my day was spent with my bestie Chris. No he's not out here visiting, he's still in Montana and I'm still in California but we did watch a few shows together and then played some LOTRO.

We first started with the latest Doctor Who episode "Cold War". I was annoyed at the beginning of this episode.and I couldn't really tell you why.. but it kind of tainted the episode for me. It did get better as it went but still I haven't really been wow'd by the past few episodes. I really want to learn more about the new companion and why the Doctor keeps running into re-incarnated version of her.

The next thing we watched was the latest Once Upon a Time episode, well come to find out that it wasn't an episode but a very cool and very detailed recap of season one and what has happen so far on season two. After watching it I realized how well the over all story has been put together. This show is so amazing and is by far one of my favorite TV series in quite some time. I can't wait for the remaining three episodes of this season.

Afterwards we jumped on Lord of the Rings Online. They are celebrating their 6th anniversary so there are fireworks and festivals happening in game so Chris and I joined in. It was fun running around setting off fireworks and collecting invitations. In Dwarf land they had this fun "beer" fights where you would take mallets and knock other characters around the room. We played for about five or six hours before calling it a night we were both getting hungry and had to get some dinner.

Spent the remaining few hours watching some TV.

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