Saturday, April 20, 2013

Magic Mountain Again!!!

So my friend Jessica messaged me last night around 8pm and asked if I wanted to go to Magic Mountain tomorrow to celebrate her birthday. I had tentative plans with my buddy Robert so I contacted him and we arranged to hang out on Sunday freeing me up for Saturday.

Besides seeing Jessica again.. a plus was that Courtney and Jesse were going as well... yay!!! So I met up with those three at 10am and the place was packed. I was especially looking forward to hanging out with my pseudo-son Jesse.

We got into the park and Jessica mentioned she wanted to do Colossus, when we got to the ride there was no line... we walked right on.  Afterward we walked onto Scream and then back again to Colossus for a second time.

We then stopped for a drink and we all got the refillable souvenir cups. Afterwards we headed over to Green Lantern's light as the line, which is normally at least an hour or more was barely 10 minutes.

Next it was time for Goliath, which we all love. The line for this was a bit longer.. about an hour but we got Courtney to ride it this time around as she didn't ride it last time. She loved it...

After Goliath we grabbed some pizza for lunch and then Jesse and I went on the new Lex Luther ride. You sit on the outside of the Superman ride in a chair and you are taken up 400 feet and then free fall. The fall is actually not that bad.. it's the being strapped into a chair and carried up, up and more up until you are so high you can see all of Valencia. What makes it worse is it's very windy up there so the ride sways and then you just sit there not sure when the car will drop. Jesse and I loved it and I'll be doing it again on my next visit.

We went and did Batman next, which we waited like five minutes for the first car and our final ride of the day was The Riddler, once again we rode in the front. This line took about 30 minutes or so but from the crowds to get in and the fact that it was a Saturday the crowds and lines were not bad at all. Of course we didn't go on X or Tatsu which are very popular rides but we rode some awesome rides.

Jessica, Courtney and Jesse were only staying until 5pm as they had plans in the evening. So after The Riddler it was round 4:30 and we were all very tired and heat exhausted. So we called it a day a little ahead of schedule. It was another fun filled trip to Magic Mountain with some awesome people.. Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

Highlight for me was hanging with Jesse... we joked around while in line like last week. When we get together we act like siblings.. hitting each other and trying to cause the other to run into people. Sometimes I think I'm more of a kid then he is.

Jesse was wearing a button down long sleeve shirt and it was in the 90's so we tried to find him a tank top to wear but we couldn't find anything in his size. He kept pulling up his sleeves to try and relieve some of the heat and I kept offering to roll them up property so they wouldn't keep falling down. He kept denying my help, until finally I just did it anyways as he protested jokenly saying "Dad stop it.. Dad you're embarrassing me" Just then Jessica and Courtney came walking out of the bathroom and he said to them "He's more of a father to me then my real father". It really made my heart smile to hear that.

I don't know what it is about this kid but he has my heart, I want to take care of him, make sure he knows he is awesome and loved. I may treat him a bit younger then he is... I got to keep telling myself he is 13 and a young man.. he's not a little kid... but it's tough as my fatherly instinct take over.  For whatever the reason is he and I just get along and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Can't wait for another adventure to Six Flags Magic Mountain with Jessica, Courtney and Jesse.

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