Sunday, April 14, 2013

Magic Mountain

Little did I know that my life would be changed by the end of this day.. but that's for my next blog. This one is all about my visit to Magic Mountain.

Got up at 8am, took a shower as Robert put in his eyes and brush his braces for 20 minutes :) .We headed out to get some breakfast at Denny's. We were both really hungry so Denny's breakfast really hit the spot. We made our way to Magic Mountain. I had planned a meet up at 10am but we got there a few minutes afterwards. The others who were joining us were already there in the line to get their season pass. I came earlier in the week and took care of that and I'm so happy I did as it was packed and the line was super long. Luckily for us our friends were early and were almost to the front.

Joining me today for our Magic Mountain adventure was of course my bestie Robert (who came with me), Rupert, Aaron and Jessica. Jessica brought one of her good friends Courtney and her godson Jesse (13 year old kid).

We got into the park around 11 and I lead everyone to the first ride of the day.. Tatsu. It's one of my favorites and only a few of us had ridden it before. It took some persuading but we got Courtney on and because of a fastpass we weren't able to all be in the same car as planned.

Once we got off everyone really loved the ride, I'm so happy we rode it first as the line now was down the walkway. We waited maybe 20 minutes or so.. it looked like at least an hour or more now. We took a bathroom break and on our way over Rupert realized that he has lost his wallet. It must had fallen out while on the ride. He went back to see if anyone found it but we figured it was too soon. We all felt horrible as this wasn't how we wanted to start our little adventure today.

Our next stop was Apocalypse, again it was an hour wait. The park was filling up fast. While in line Robert started messing with me, mostly tickling me, as I'm extremely ticklish. To my surprise Jesse got in on it and started playing around with Robert and I. Jesse and I instantly bonded (more on that later).

After Apocalypse we were starving so we headed
to the food court. Jesse, Robert and I got buffalo wings while Aaron, Rupert, Jessica & Courtney got burgers. It was packed and the service was slow.. I think it took about an hour to get food for everyone.
Lunch was over and it was almost 3pm, we did another bathroom break as Rupert parted ways and headed to the lost and found to file a report about his wallet. Robert and Jesse wanted to climb the rock wall. We talked them into letting our stomach settle as we wait in line for Riddler's Revenge. That line probably took about an hour, we split up into 2 groups.. Jesse, Aaron and myself and Robert, Courtney and Jessica..  We got on one car apart from each other.. it was a lot of fun. Lots of shenanigans while in line.

As promised Robert and Jesse went to do the Rock Wall. Now that Aaron's stomach was settled he decided to join them. They asked for me to join and looking back I should have but I didn't want to embarrass myself out there so I declined. The three guys climbed for a good half hour or so. Jesse made it to the top of the level 3 wall while Aaron made it halfway up the level 4 wall and Robert made it just a bit pass the half way point on level 5 wall. Good times were had.

By the time we were done Rupert joined back up. We headed to Goliath next as most folks wanted to do that one and we were running out of time. The wait was just over an hour but once again there were lots of line shenanigans. One great thing about MM lines are the videos that they play. All day long we kept hearing the same commercials and there was this on Snickers and Sharks commercial that kept Robert laughing and another M&M "Sexy and your know it" one had all of us dancing every time we heard it... it was a pretty great group.

Once we were done with Goliath it was around 6:45pm and Jessica, Jesse and Courtney called it a night but before they left we all kept talking about fudge all day so we stopped by a fudge shop and picked up six pieces of fudge to share. We said out final goodbyes around 7:15pm. It was sad to see them go but I knew it wasn't going to be the last time we saw them.

For our final ride Robert, Rupert, Aaron and I did Green Lantern's Light. Again this is a newer roller coaster, it's cool because it's a vertical roller coaster. I was the only one who had ridden prior so that is always fun experiencing the ride with a bunch of first timers. 

They all loved the ride and it was a great way to end our day at Magic Mountain. The parked closed at 8pm but we could have gone on for a few more hours. We said our goodbyes to Aaron and Rupert. Robert and I stopped by Islands on the way back to my place to pick up some dinner.

I so enjoyed our one on one talks, that's one of many things I love about Robert, our ability to talk completely open and honest about anything... got home around 10pm and crashed on the bed and watched TV for an hour before calling it night.