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My D&D Character - Dashel Greenbottle

My buddy Dallas is starting up a new campaign for a Pathfinder D&D game.. Now I haven't played D&D since fifth grade, though I did do a lot of RPG kind of writing in my 20's. Today I spent a few hours coming up with back story for my new D&D character. I have chosen to play a Wizard Halfling. If you know me at all, you know I'm a Hobbit lover.

First of all I found this drawing of a Wizard Halfling online, I couldn't find who drew it but I altered it a bit as halflings in this world don't have pointed ears so I had to round them in photoshop.

So this is what my character looks like.

Here's his backstory.. let me know what you think.

His name is Dashel Greenbottle (25)

Mother: Jillian Greenbottle (Brushgather)
Father : Milo Greenbottle

Brother: Wellby Greenbottle (23)
Sister: Portia Greenbottle (20)
Sister: Cora Greenbottle (18)
Brother: Cade Greenbottle (15)
Brother: Garret Greenbottle (14)
Sister: Lavinia Greenbottle (12)
Brother: Samuel Greenbottle (10)

Jillian and Milo were born and raised in the small farming community known as The Downs just outside Galanor. Both the Greenbottle's and Brushgather's were prominent halfling families in their little community. Jillian and Milo were the eldest of the family and at a very young age were betrothed to each other. Fortunately the pairing worked out and they fell in love.

Dashel (or Dash for short) was their first born, his raven color hair and grayish black eyes made him a source of gossip around the community. But his mother and father doted on him and tried to protect him from prying eyes but they soon realized that their child would never be treated properly if they stayed in The Downs.

When Dash was two years old and Jillian was pregnant with their second child. Milo packed up his family and moved to Elendrinoin. Elendrinion was a vast city and they hoped that Dash would be able to blend in better and not be ridiculed for his unusual look.

Their life in Elendrinoin flourished, Milo worked in the fields while Jillian became a seamstress. Soon after the move Wellby was born followed Portia, Cora, Cade, Garret, Lavinia and finally the baby Samuel. None of their other children had any abnormalities and were perfect little halflings.

Though his family didn't treat Dash any different, he knew deep down that he wasn't like his siblings and the lead to him secluding himself from the family and the public.

Dash found solace in the Wizarding school. Dash got his love of reading and studying from his parents, they were always reading or telling him stories from their history. Celumin Sinestra (School of the Left Hand Path, in the common tongue) had the largest library in Elendrinoin and Dash spent many, many hours their as a kid reading and learning as much as he could.

An Elf named Silvhanan noticed this young odd looking halfling hanging around the library and kind of took him under his wing and began to teach him about magic, Dash was 7 years old when this began. Over the next few years Silvhanan was impressed at how Dash took to magic.  He told the young halfling that he should officially enroll in school and travel down the path to become a magic wielder. 

Dash was trilled with the prospect of becoming a wizard but knew it wasn't going to be an easy path. Halfling weren't normally known for wielding magic but then again Dash was not your average halfling. When Dash told his family his plans they were a bit hesitant, but told him that he had their love and support.

At the age of 10 Dash became a fulltime student. He studied day and night. He sacrificed having a childhood, friends and rarely saw his family. His entire life revolved around magic. When he was 12 he preformed a spell on himself trying to change his hair and eye color. He was tired of all the stares and comments behind his back, he just wanted to be normal. Unfortunately the spell didn't go as planned and turned his hair bright white and eyes to a piercing emerald green. He decided right then and there to accept the way he looked. He would no longer try to perform magic on himself again.

Besides Silvhanan, Dash had one other friend, an Elf named Trix, he didn't know much about Trix's past all he knew is that Trix was always in the library when he would visit and that he knew were everything was. So whenever Dash needed to find a book all he had to do was find Trix.

As the years passed by Dash excelled in his studies but became more and more of a recluse from society. He rarely visited his family and when he did it was only for a short amount of time.

Dash completed his studies and is now only the third halfling to ever be given the title of Wizard at Celumin Sinestra.

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