Friday, April 19, 2013

Visting my Dad

When I visit family it's kind of like an all day thing. My family lives about 2 hours away from me. I normally get up, eat breakfast, check my emails, surf online and about 10am I take a shower and get ready to head out. I normally leave my house around 11/11:30 and get to brother's place around 1/1:30. I go out to lunch with my Dad and then visit the rest of the family, Brother, Sister-in-law, nephew and niece for about four or five hours then I head home for another two hour commute and by the time I'm home it's about 8pm and I eat some dinner, watch some TV and then go to bed.

Today I was visiting my Dad only. My brother and his family went to Vegas for a wedding. My dad was going to be by himself all day so I figured I'd go and hang out with him for a bit. I try and visit him as much as possible, my Dad has had two battles with cancer, several stokes and several heart attacks.. but he is still with us. I think his grand kids are keeping him alive, he loves them so much and vis verse. So I try and go down to visit every two to three weeks. It was a good visit.. we went out to my favorite Chinese restaurant Hong Kong for lunch. After lunch we headed back to my brothers place and hung out for a bit. He got a new Kindle Fire for Xmas last year and he loves it so I was showing him various options and apps he could use. Left his place around 4, got home around 6, ate some dinner and watched some TV before calling it night.

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