Thursday, April 18, 2013

Superman & Defiance

First of all I want to wish my favorite superhero of all time Superman a very Happy 75th Birthday. I've loved him ever since my childhood watching the old B&W TV series with George Reeves, then the 1978 movie was released with Christopher Reeves, I was eight years old and couldn't get enough of the man of steel. I started collecting comic books, toys and anything else with the Superman logo. Star Wars and Superman were my two big loves as a kid. And after all these years I still love him and I can't wait for the next incarnation of the Man of Steel to be released in theaters this summer... the previews look amazing. Here's the latest trailer..

Today I planned to try and get some stuff done around the house. I'm still in the process of fixing up my house so I can get it on the market. There is just so much stuff to do that I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed the past few weeks so I end up doing nothing because I don't know where to start. Besides the fixing up of my house to get on the market, I have several podcasts that are due to be released this month, I'm in the middle of writing my first web-series, I'm preparing to start a new D&D campaign, I'm trying to expand my production company, I'm trying to keep up with the latest TV, I'm trying hang out as much as possible with friends and family.  And the most important thing, I need to find a job!!! 

But even with all that stuff to do it's a daily struggle to not just sit on my computer and play LOTRO or surf the net or watch TV all day. There are days I succeed on doing something and there are days when I don't. I hate the feeling at the end of the day when I realized that I didn't get a single thing done. I feel like since I'm out of work I should be getting all this stuff done... I mean once I have a job my time will be even less available. I don't know what it is.. not doing anything makes you even more lazy. I need to break to lazy cycle.

I did manage to get out to the garage today and started going through some boxes.. I realize that I have a ton of crap. I tried just throwing things away but it's tough especially when it's in good shape. I thought about trying to sell some stuff but that's just more work for me to do, I could give it away to friends who need it or to the goodwill but it's hard for me to part with things that I may one day need.  The cleaning of the garage only lasted an hour before I got frustrated with my lack of throwing things away. Also with Anthony and Michele's stuff in my garage there is little room to really make piles and get organized. So I may wait until they leave in May to do the garage.

I turned to TV to relax, I been looking forward to watching Syfy's new TV series Defiance. So Anthony and I watched the 2 hour pilot episode. It's a complicated back story which they haven't explained yet but eight races of alien come to Earth to settle as their solar system was destroyed. They terraformed Earth and changed everything. It's about a small town called Defiance and it's people trying to survive and rebuild this new world.

This is a Syfy experiment as they released a MMO game and the TV series at the same time. Both are connected but also separate so you can do both, or one or the other. 

I enjoyed the pilot... I think they did a good job at developing the characters... the back story on the other hand .. not so much. I checked out Wiki and there is so much back story that was not conveyed in the pilot. I assume as the series goes will learn more but the pilot did it's job.. it made me excited to see the next episode. I look forward to seeing where this series goes.

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