Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's Slayer Time

Our weekly Buffy Rewatch/1st Time started a bit earlier then previous viewing, but in the end it didn't matter as work things popped up for Robert that paused our viewing so in the end we watched our regular four episodes tonight.

First up was Season 5, Ep 11 "Triangle" The two most important women in Xander's life: his girlfriend Anya and his best friend Willow, jealously squabble and bicker. However, the escalating aggression between them causes them to accidentally summon Olaf the troll, who wreaks havoc throughout Sunnydale, forcing Willow and Anya to work together to stop him.

This was a good episode.. kind of a stand alone episode as it really didn't have anything to do with the current "Glory" storyline. But it was fun to watch.

Next was Season 5, Ep 12 "Checkpoint" The Watchers Council comes to Sunnydale to tell Buffy what they know about Glory, on condition that she proves herself worthy. She refuses to go through their tests, and they tell her Glory is a god.

This is a favorite of mine.. I hate the watcher council and when they were giving demands to Buffy and Giles I turned to Robert and said, why are these guys still together.. I mean Buffy quit a year ago and until Faith is dead there won't be another Slayer for them to assist. So when Buffy comes to the realization and says the exact same thing I thought to myself... right on!!! I love that Buffy got the upper hand on the council. I like that she has rejoined them and that Giles is a watcher again.. best part was we find out the Glory is a God... now how is Buffy going to defeat this big bad?

Third episode of the night Season 5, Ep 13 "Blood Ties" Dawn makes a profound discovery about herself and her origin. Ben is revealed to share a body with Glory.

Again one of my favorites as it was all about Dawn and Glory. Dawn finds out that she is the key and has a total meltdown (to be expected). We also find out that the mysterious Ben is actually "family" to Glory, the two of them share the same body. Dawn is almost caught by Glory when she confesses what she is to Ben.  And Willow preforms a "teleportation" spell on Glory and the spell almost kills her. The first sign of Willow's true magic powers.... good stuff

And our final episode of the evening is Season 5, Ep 14 "Crush" Drusilla returns to Sunnydale and walks back into Spike's life, causing Spike to re-examine his relationships with the three women in his life: Drusilla, Harmony, and Buffy.

Not much Glory stuff in this one but alot happens. Spike's crush on Buffy is revealed to Buffy's dismay. Dru is back and crazier then ever and you think Spike is turning evil again but nope his love for Buffy is stronger. Lot's of great Spike moments.

We are now just past the halfway mark.. so may great episodes to come before the huge season five finale... oh I can't wait.

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