Thursday, April 25, 2013

Knights of the Guild #49

Finally motivated myself to get another Knights of the Guild podcast edited and released... woohoo. I also announce the end of the podcast... well kind of. I don't have a specific date but the podcast is coming to an end. I have a handful of interviews left for season six. Once those are done I plan on doing a big "goodbye" episode. I plan on bringing back my co-host Jenni as well as some very "special" guests. Want to go out with a bang. But for now here is the latest podcast... Knights of the Guild #49

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In this episode I sit down with Corey Craig (Donovan), Sajana Day (Sula), Alex Hoover (Theodra) and Derek Basco (Roy) as we discuss how they got the role and episode one of season six.

Hope you enjoy the podcast and stick around for the grand finale of Knights of the Guild podcast.

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