Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Woke up at 5:45am to say goodbye to Chris and Kody. I could have said goodbye last night, but of course I'm me and couldn't do that.. I had to be there to see my best bud one last time as I may not be seeing him until July and comic con. Got to spend 15 minutes with him while he packed up. 6am, I gave him a big hug and said goodbye. I remember the first time I had to say goodbye to him after driving with him up to Montana and helping him get established for several weeks.. I weep and it was very tough. But subsequent visits to Montana and him visiting here in CA there has been no tears. I mean I'm sad that he has to go but I know we have many years of friendship left and that this parting won't be our last. But it's always hard saying goodbye. After they drove away I jumped back into bed for an hour and tried to sleep... with no luck.

Found a very cool "Portal" video that I had not seen before. It was released last year on You Tube and I don't have a clue how I missed it.. but it's pretty EPIC!!!

My internet has been acting up lately but today has been the worse.. it was down for over four hours. Luckily I have my iphone but I'm about to go over my 2g data plan which of course means I'll be paying $10 additional for every 1g used. Luckily it's close to the end of the month so I shouldn't go over to much.

While the net was down I wrote a few blogs offline so I could just copy and paste them when things were back up and running again. I really tried to motivate myself to do some podcasting as I don't need internet for that but atlas no luck. 

I did manage to watch the latest Supernatural episode with Felicia Day. I watched the first two seasons of Supernatural but gave up mid season. I have watched the previous two episodes with Felicia and loved them so I was really looking forward to this one... and I have to say they did not disappoint. This was by far my favorite of the Felicia Day episodes. I was crying by the end. I love Felicia's character Charlie and this episode really fleshed out her character. The hug with Dean was precious.. her saying "I love you" and him saying "I know" ala Star Wars was fantastic.. I love that she ready the Hobbit one last time to her mother before pulling the plug.. so heart wrenching. Felicia gave an amazing performance. I really do hope they make her character a regular or semi-regular next season.. would love to see more Charlie.

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