Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Friends, Superheros and Birthdays

Today I headed over to Universal Citywalk to hang out with some guildies who were visiting the LA area before heading down to Comic Con. Most are from out of state with exception to Thomas from Ireland and Bel (Adam) who came the furthest, all the way from Sweden.

Joining us for lunch today was Bel, Jeff, Becky, Tim, Thomas and someone I have never meet but we are twitter friends Tammy. Also Tammy's friend, who's name I can't remember.

Citywalk is a great place to meet up and hang out but the parking there is just so darn expensive. So I opted for parking in the Metro parking lot down the hill. You're not suppose to park there but I have done it for years and nothing has ever happen. I told Thomas to park there was well so we both got to the parking lot about the same time but there weren't any spots. There were marked spots that said you have to have a permit before 11am to park there.. it was 10:45am so both Thomas and I parked next to each other with our cars running and waited until 11am arrived and then got out and walked to the tram at the bottom of the hill that would take us up to Citywalk.

When we got there the other guys were already there. We opted to go upstairs to the "fast food court" area as it would allow folks to eat cheaply but also pick what kind of food they wanted. I got Panda Express with a few others. We found some seating by combining a few tables and we then ate and talked for the next two hours. It was pretty relaxing just sitting there people watching and talking with friends that I haven't seen in over a year.

We decided to walk around a bit as some of the guys wanted to get Cinnabon. If you won't know what Cinnabon is it's a place that makes some very tasty Cinnamon Rolls. Bel had to get one and send a pix to Erlend who is in England and loves Cinnabon. Thomas also got one and I found out this was his first time eating one.. he enjoyed it.

It was around 2pm and I had to get going. I was hanging out with my buddy Will as it's his birthday today. I said my goodbyes and headed over to Will's who is only about 10 minutes away. Once at Will's we talked about what we wanted to do. I figured we'd continue our Deep Space Nine watch but he wanted to go out to the movies. He wanted to see Man of Steel, World War Z or Pacific Rim. I had already seen Man of Steel and Pacific Rim and loved both of them but I had no desire to see World War Z but was willing to see it with him because it was his birthday.

Guess where he wound up going to.. yep... back to Universal Citywalk. Will was hungry when we got there and we went to Pink's for a hotdog. We then went over to the movie theaters and wanted to see which one of these movies fit into our timeslot and the winner was Pacific Rim. So I watched Pacific Rim for a second time and I have to say it's just as much fun as the first time.

Once the movie was over we walked over to Gamestop (a place I rarely visit as I'm not a big gamer). I saw these kids playing some sort of Justice League pvp game. It reminded me of the arcade game X-men that I use to play with I was a teenager. Will and I played the demo, I was Superman and he was Batman and I fell in love with the game. What makes it even better is that it's a game for Xbox 360 which I have.. woohoo.. The game is called Injustice: Gods Among Us and I MUST HAVE IT!!!

We then stopped by.. yep.. Cinnabon and we both picked up some tasty snacks before heading to Hollywood for Will's Birthday dinner at Bossa Nova. About 20 of Will's friends attended including mutual friends Jes, Jen, Robert, Dallas, Becca and Jarred. It was a nice evening and a great way to celebrate his birthday.

From the moment I met you I knew we'd be friends for life. I have watched you grow and change over the years. You are truly one of the sweetest human beings I have ever met. I'm thankful everyday that you are such an important part of my life and I can't wait for all your success which you so richly deserve.


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