Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hobbit Prep & Gaming

I could not sleep last night.. was up until 3am and only slept on and off for the next five hours. I am so tired I had to pull out he big guns (my huge cup so I could make a triple dose of English Breakfast Tea... yum.

I'm heading out to D&D later today but I have so much to do before then. After my tea I was feeling a bit better so I tackled my MASH podcast. I worked on it for another few hours before it was finished, uploaded and ready to be released tomorrow.

Next on my list was to pack for San Diego Comic Con. Packing my regular clothes is the easy part.. packing up my Hobbit cosplay is harder. This was the only cosplay I was bringing this year.. no Star Trek or Harry Potter.. it was all about The Hobbit. After getting everything packed and triple checking to make sure I had everything I started to work on my wig. I washed the hair, then dried it. Put some product in it and went to town with the curling iron. I posted this picture on Twitter and Facebook with the comment.. "How geeky am I, I'm curling my Hobbit wig on a Harry Potter Quaffle." It actually worked out pretty well and after a half hour of burning my hands the hair looked pretty good. I sprayed so much hair spray on it, that it's as hard as a football helmet. 

That was it.. I was ready for comic con, my podcasts were all done and it was just in time for me to head out to D&D. About 10 minutes into my drive I realized that I had made a mistake and thought D&D was starting at 2:30pm but it was really starting at 3:30pm. It was too late to turn around but it actually turned out okay for me as I hadn't had a chance to eat lunch so this gave me some time to pick up some El Pollo on my way down. 

After lunch I headed to Will and Jen's place. This was a new location for our gaming group. We had a good amount of folks for this D&D session. My buddy Thomas even joined us as a guest player. 

Last we left it, my character Dash was being held captive with a knife against his throat. Well I didn't die (thankfully) but a few of our characters got some major hit points when we were attacked by a giant snake. This wasn't one of our most action packed sessions, we did a lot of walking around in underground caverns. We did manage to not get killed by a bunch of ghouls... so that was a plus. It was another fun session and of course we left it just when things were getting interesting.. can't wait for the next game day. 

I drove Dallas (our game master) back to his place and when I dropped him off my friend America was just finishing her costume session with Jes (who missed D&D). It was great seeing America. We talked in the street for about a half hour. We're both excited for comic con and showing off our cosplay. It was a nice way to end a very good and productive day.

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