Saturday, July 20, 2013

Guild of Extras Exposed

A few days prior to San Diego Comic Con I got a call from my friend Olivia asking if it was okay to give my name to the Senior editor of WIRED Bill Wasik. He was looking to do a story on The Guild of Extras as part of WIRED's Comic Con coverage. Come to find out that he was talking to Olivia for an entirely different reason and she brought up The Guild of Extras and it went from there. She mentioned that I was one of the "ringleaders" of the group and to contact me to see if the group was doing anything during con. I told him a few things that we had planned and then put him in contact with the four folks who created the group; Anne, Chris, Jen and Kim and he just kind of rolled with it.

Bill hung out with some of us here and there during the con, he'd ask questions about how we come together, our favorite scenes we were in and so on. He interviewed some of the creators of the group and even tried to interview Felicia.

They sent a photographer down on Friday to meet up with us and follow us around a few days catching us being us, her name was Ariel Zambelich and she instantly became part of our geeky group and an honorary Guildie. 

We didn't know what the article was going to focus on. I mean Bill seemed liked a nice guy so we didn't think it would be some sort of "crazy fans" kind of story. What we got was something I didn't expect. Bill hung out with guildies for the entire time at con and really got to know our passion for the show and our love for each other. 

The article made me proud to be a member of The Guild of Extras, my own little group The Geek Mob consists mostly of members of The Guild of Extras.

There were a few things in the article that were wrong (misinformation), the one that bothered me the most was at the end of the article "Over the past two years, his (Dallas) and Reaves’ house has emerged as a sort of Guild of Extras headquarters, hosting tabletop role-playing games and weekend-long movie marathons."

Now if you're a regular reader of my blog you know I'm the one that throws the gaming/movie marathon weekends and in turned formed The Geek Mob. When I first read that part I was hurt as I put in alot of work into those parties and to no get credit stung a bit. But I got over it quickly, 99% of the article is fantastic and shows our little group in such a great light.

I'd like to thank Bill and Ariel for being AWESOME and sharing our little group with their readers.

You can read Bill's article HERE

Aerial was kind enough to send me some pixs that weren't used in the article.. you can see them HERE.

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  1. Yeah, that really bugged me too. My first instinct was to contact Bill and clarify but as I've never been in an article before, I wasn't sure of the protocol. I also didn't want to seem ungrateful because the article was overall awesome.

    I think the confusion came up when I was talking to him about how my living with Jes was most due to the GoE and you, how it lead to us doing a D&D night, and then I believe someone else brought up the movie marathons and even though I'm pretty sure they said you hosted them, a lot of people were chiming in and it just got cluttered. It bummed me out.

    The GoE has really changed my life for the better and you are the most important piece in that puzzle. You deserve all the credit you can get and more, man. Thank you!