Saturday, July 20, 2013

San Diego Comic Con - Day 4 - Saturday

Hey all.. so it's day 4 of comic con.. I realize that my comic con reports aren't that exciting as I really didn't do much of the con itself. The past few years I have gone to con to hang out with friends and cosplay.. I don't do panels or get autographs and such.. so I'm sorry if these reports aren't what you were expecting.

So on to Day 4... Up at 7am, since this was my last day of cosplaying I wanted to make sure I was there from open to close. As always prepping started with my ears.. yesterday I had a nervous breakdown trying to get those on just right... this time I didn't care.  I knew my wig would cover most of it.. so it took me less then 15 minutes to get them on. Chris and Robert were wearing suits.. Chris was going as Barney Stinson from How I Meet Your Mother and Robert was one of his Suit Bros. Those two along with Michael went down to the hotel restaurant for some breakfast, I opted for the store danish that I had gotten earlier this week to save on some money. I finished getting ready and by the time I was leaving they were done with breakfast. We headed over to Brett's hotel to pick him up. He is cosplaying for the first time in his life and needs a bit of encouragement and friend support. He was cosplaying as The Slenderman. I didn't have a clue who that character was but OMG.. soon as we got to con it was apparent that I was the only one who didn't know.

While walking to con my brother noticed that there was a rather large tear on the side of one of my Hobbit feet. I knew it was coming, I knew I was pushing the limit of the wear and tear on these feet. As I looked closer on my other foot I noticed a much smaller tear there as well. We quickly went to a local store and picked up some super glue. I was hoping to seal up both cracks long enough to last the day. With my brother's help it looks like it is going to work... yay!!!

So as I mentioned we got to con and Brett was initiated with picture requests.. everyone we passed would say.. "oh look it's Slenderman". Even 5 year olds knew who he was. He was the MVP of our cosplaying group. He was so in character, by the way he walked or reacted to folks going crazy over him... it was priceless.

For lunch we went to Cafe Defiance, the wait wasn't that bad and we were seated right next to Greg Aronowitz and his gang. While we got food Chris played the Defiance MMO game (each table had a screen and controller to play). After lunch we went back to the floor of the con and had more pictures taken of us. My brother headed up to the Revolution panel. We continued to walk around showing off our cosplay and taking pictures. We were up in the pavilion resting when Chris got a tweet from Geekyhooker about a critter drop.

The past few years a person on twitter with the name Geekyhooker create these croshay characters and then leaves them at various spot all over the con. She then tweets a clue as to where to find them. Well Chris is obsessed with this. Last year he ran eight blocks in a suit just to find one. He had already found one yesterday but today the drop was really close to where we were, so he and a few of our friends headed out to see if they could find it. About 20 or so minutes later he returned triumphantly. He scored Captain America.. which is funny as he got Captain last year as well. Unlike last year he gave me the Captain America and it's awesome!!!

We stayed until the floor closed at 7pm and then headed back to the hotel. Mike was already there preparing to put on his Tron outfit.

Before I realized it, I had taken off my ears and as soon as they were free I realized that I should have left them on as we were going to the Geek and Sundry Cosplay Prom in a few hours. I couldn't believe I tore them off so quickly. After that I debated on going to the prom as I was tired, so I removed my entire Hobbit outfit and rested for a bit.

Once again Chris helped Mike put on his Tron outfit and he left for the con and the streets of San Diego. Robert, Chris and I rested in a room for an hour. By this time the guys convinced me to go to the prom but like this morning I quickly put on my ears.. didn't really care what they looked like, put on my outfit and my feet and were off. BTW my feet were holding up.. no additional tears could be seen.
We got to the prom a little after 9pm and found America, Dove and his brother Tyler. They were kind enough to save us some seats. We sat there for a bit and chatted. We watched the various cosplayers dancing. I swore I wasn't going to dance as I didn't want to completely ruin my feet but after an hour or so the music drew me in and Robert really wanted to dance so I couldn't say no. I didn't move as quickly as I normally do but I took my time and danced for about a half hour. More and more friends arrived and America, Dove and Tyler left for another party and my Brother and his friend Ray showed up in their fantastic costumes. They put a show for everyone and they all went crazy. Mike has told me how people react to his costume but to see it in person it's pretty amazing. And in fact my brother's friends Ray won best costume at the prom and won a laptop computer. 

It was hot inside so we moved our group out to the outside area. We now had about 25 guildies hanging out with us outside. Ariel showed up and took some pictures for the WIRED article (Will talk about that in a future blog). Both Robert and I were tired and decided to leave the party just after 11pm. We said our goodbyes and headed back to the hotel to crash for the night.

Day 4 of San Diego Comic Con 2013 was a lot of fun. Brett is no longer a Cosplay virgin and from the reaction I'd say his first forte into cosplaying was a success. Though I had issues with my feet they managed to keep together for one final hurrah. Tomorrow is our final day at Comic Con.. glad it's all ending but will miss seeing everyone everyday.

Pictures from SDCC 2013 Album 1

Pictures from SDCC 2013 Album 2

Pictures from SDCC 2013 Album 3

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