Thursday, July 18, 2013

San Diego Comic Con - Day 2 - Thursday

I didn't sleep well but that's the norm for comic con. I got about 3 or 4 hours off and on the entire night. But the show must go on. I was up at 7am putting on my Hobbit ears. This is always the hardest part of my cosplay, well this and getting the hair/wig right. This process can take me up to an hour to get them on just right. I usually will get some help from my buddy Chris and after we struggled for a bit they were finally on and looked pretty good.

I then put on my shirt, pants and socks. All that was left was my hair/wig and feet.. both of those things go on last as both of them are pretty torturous to wear all day so I wait until the last minute. Chris cosplayed as 3 Hole Punch Jim from The Office (I've never seen it), later in the day he kept losing the 3 holes so he finally removed them and looked like a Mormon the rest of the day.

Chris and Robert were hungry so I told them to head down to con and I would meet them there. Once they were gone I began the process of putting on my wig. I did a lot of pre-work with this wig last week to get it just right so all I would have to do was put it on my head and for the most part it worked. I spent about fifteen or so minutes messing with it but in the end I think it looked pretty good.

The final step in me becoming a Hobbit were my feet. If you read my previous blog you know I was hoping for new feet but that didn't happen so I was using my now three year old feet. I never thought these feet would last this long. I've worn them on 15 or so different days for various cons and they are still going strong, but I had a feeling this would be their last hurrah.

I was ready to go by 9:10am and out the door. Robert and Chris were already there and in line to get into the con. By the time I got there it was just past 9:30am and they were about to open the front doors.

Today was all about cosplaying, all I did was walk around the con floor, getting pictures taken of me and taking pictures of all the other awesome cosplay outfits. We'd hook up with other friends here and there but it pretty much was just Robert, Chris and I and also Brett who joined up with us early on.

Mid day we went back to the hotel to drop off purchases (I did not buy anything) and went looking for a place to eat. We found Jolt'n Joes, this is where the Geek and Sundry stuff was happening (well upstairs to his place). We had a party of about six then Thomas joined us making it a party of seven but they scrounged around and manage to put together a table for six only and acted like it was impossible to get seven. Since Thomas joined us last by happenstance he left the party and the six of us where seated. We had no utensils, napkins or pretty much anything. We sat there for a good 30 minutes before the wateriness finally came over to our table to take our order and this was after many attempts to get her attention. What is crazy is the place was not packed. They were busy but she only had a few tables to take care of. So our food came and when I asked for a napkin, as I didn't want to get my shirt dirty she scoffed and asked if I was a messy eater. She brought back one napkin for me only... none for the others. The food was mediocre at best. We realized that since we were a party of six this company automatically adds a 20% gratuity to our bill.. we were not happy. Luckily for us when we got the bill there was no added gratuity and if there was I had planned to say something about it. So the service was horrible and the food was mediocre... we won't be coming back to this place again.

After our disappointing lunch we headed back to con and continued to walk around the sales floor. Around 6pm Robert, Chris and a few others left con to go to Wootstock. That left Brett and I at the con. We stayed another half hour before calling it a day (the con sales floor closes at 7pm).

Brett and I said our goodbyes with plans to meet back up later once the guys got out of Wootstock. I stopped by Chipotle on my way back to the hotel and picked up some dinner. When I got back to the hotel I de-Hobbitfied myself. It was great getting the feet off as I had been in them for over 10 hours but the best part was taking off the wig.. my head could finally breath again.

I sat in the hotel room alone, watching TV and eating my burrito. I was invited to the Geek and Sundry VIP party tonight and it started at 8pm. Not many of my friends were invited and I debated on going. Around 8:30pm I decide that I should at least make an appearance.. I mean this was a VIP party and I rarely get invited to those. So I put on a nice dress shirt (the only one I brought) and headed out. Got to the party and it was pretty packed and as I expected I didn't know anyone. The only person I knew was coming for sure was Jen and Sean and both of them were at a panel still. My buddy Chris Pope was also going to be there and I was looking forward to seeing him as it's been a few years since we have see each other. I did mange to find Vince Caso and we caught up a bit, then my buddy Chris showed up and we chatted.

I had been there around a half hour and just when I thought about leaving my friends Doug and Brian showed up with their plus ones.. who happen to be my friends Jes and Anne. Whew.. I had some folks I could talk to now. Soon more and more friends showed up, America, Dove, Greg, Red, Nicki, Jen and Sean. Between Red and Brian they were able to bring in alot more guildies, Dani, Jeff, Bel, Becky and finally Chris and Robert when they got out of Wootstock. This was now a party I could enjoy. I had had a shot of Fireball when I was in the hotel room before I left and they gave me two drink tickets so I had a beer and a rum and coke. When Chris got there he bought me another shot of Fireball... so I was feeling good. We all were feeling good. We spent the next three hours dancing the night away and having a blast. Since this was a VIP party there were several celebrities (friends of Felicia) like Colin Ferguson, who I love and have worked with before on The Guild. Nathan Fillion who was also on The Guild and his friend Alan Tudyk from Firefly fame. There were also lots of web-celebs.. it was fun rubbing elbows with the stars :)

We closed the place down and at 2am we headed back to our hotel room to crash as I had to be up early to prepare for my Hobbit cosplay.

Day 2 of San Diego Comic Con 2013, was a blast. It started great with folks really enjoying my Hobbit cosplay and faltered a bit with our crappy lunch but soared to new heights with the G&S VIP party... good times were had by all.

Pictures from SDCC 2013 Album 1

Pictures from SDCC 2013 Album 2

Pictures from SDCC 2013 Album 3

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