Friday, August 23, 2013

"Get Fit" 3 Weeks Later

So I've lost focus a bit the past week. In week two which I forgot to blog about I was down to 201.5 from 210 lbs, super excited that I was going to get below 200 lbs within the next two weeks. Well week 3 hasn't been that great. My elliptical machine broke down (which is a major bummer), but I did find what I think is a suitable substitution with my Star Wars Kinect Galactic Dance Off. I have to do an hour of it for a good sweat and really get my heart pumping.. unlike my elliptical which only took me about 20 minutes to work up a good sweat, but it will work until I can get either my elliptical fixed or somehow buy a new one.

My bigger issue is my eating. With the first two weeks I limited myself to "eating out" once a week but this past week I have eaten out three times. And it shows on the scale.. this morning when I weighted in I am currently at 203.5.. that's a gain of 2 lbs this past week. Part of it could be that my Dance Off workout isn't as intense as the elliptical workout but I think the bigger part of it is my eating.

I knew that my eating habits would be the hardest thing to overcome and I have to not let this little set back throw me off track. For week four I need to re-focus my efforts and get back on track to doing more cardio, eat healthier and lose the weight. I would love to be below 200 for my 43rd birthday (which is just under a month away)... I don't think that's an unreasonable goal. Now I just have to do it!!!

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