Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Star Wars Action Figures

I was listening to Rebel Force Radio (my favorite Star Wars podcast) and they were mentioning these new action figured called The Black Series.. what makes these different from all the other Star Wars figures is that they are six inch figures and not the usual 3 3/4. I saw these on display at SDCC last month and really liked the look of them. I had no idea that they were already out. Looks like they came out at the beginning of August. Of course since I'm late to the party I'm going to have find them online if I want to get all of them... which I do. I haven't collected Star Wars figures since the 80's as it got to a point where they were releasing a ton of figures a year and being a completest I had to have them all. So I gave up Star Wars figures and only collected favorite characters like R2D2 or Queen Amidala.  What's great about these is that they are larger figures, but of course larger figures means more money. The small figures are going for on average $10 (which is crazy as I remember buying them for $2.99) but as I mentioned these figures are larger so the cost is $20 each. It's a bit pricey but they are pretty awesome.

Wave 1 consists of Darth Maul, Luke in X-wing Pilot outfit, Sand Trooper and my favorite character in the Star Wars universe R2D2. Wave 2 (I don't know when they are going to be released) will have Slave Leia, Han Solo, Greedo and Boba Fett. And speaking of Boba Fett there was an exclusive of Boba Fett with Frozen Han at SDCC but I missed out :(

So Star Wars as managed to suck me back in to collection action figures. I don't know how long this line will go, they are saying it's a limited run, like their Star Wars Unleashed figured, which I loved and have all of them. So for now I'll take it one figure at a time.

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