Monday, August 19, 2013

My New Geeky Cardio Workout

Since my elliptical broke over the weekend I had to come up with a new cardio workout. Of course I could go to Vasquez Rocks and go hiking but the temperatures around here as of late have been in the 100's and that''s not ideal hiking weather and when the temps do drop to reasonable numbers the park is closed.

I first thought I could do some sort of aerobics, jumping rope or stuff like that but then I remembered playing Star Wars Kinect with my buddy Chris back in Montana last Christmas and I remember telling him.. Wow this is a really good workout, it get's the blood pumping. So I connected my Kinect to my Xbox and got everything set up. I first did Galactic Dance Off and as expected after a few minutes I was sweating. If you don't know what Galactic Dance off is, it's a video game with Star Wars characters dancing on screen and you mimic their dance moves for points. It's tough sometimes but man is it fun.

I then did some Rancor Rampage, again this is a game were you are a Rancor on a planet going berzerk. smashing things and causing chaos. You do alot of running in place, waving your arms around and it too can get the heart racing.

I actually went back and forth for an hour playing both of these games and feel I got a pretty good cardio workout from it. What's funny is that you don't realize how much time has passed when you are doing these.

So for now this is going to be my new geeky cardio workout, until I can get my elliptical repaired or replaced.

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