Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Day of Rest

Today I was all prepared to paint the side of my house as Will and I prepped it yesterday and got all the trim taped off. Well once again mother nature has something else in mind... Winds.

It was so windy that it was blowing over my ladders, it blew off 1/3 of the paper that Will and I had taped up around the windows... it was pretty bad.

So instead I should have done things around the house, I have some major cleaning that needs to be done. I also have several podcasts that will be due in the coming week so I could edit those.. but what did I do.. nothing. I caught up on some TV that I recorded on my DVR.

I was physically exhausted and since it was so windy outside it gave me the excuse to not paint and just chill for a day. I know I have only one week until my realtor comes over and assess my place and take pictures, but I couldn't bring myself to do anything. I wanted to be lazy so I was lazy.

Of course at the end of the night I'm mad and disappointed in myself but I made a deal with myself to have no more lazy days until after next Tuesday and then I can treat myself to a day at Disneyland.

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