Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just Another Lazy Sunday... Not!!!

Today I tackled painting the front of the house. I had worked on the front earlier this year but I used the wrong kind of painters tape and when I went to remove it, it took off the paint as well. There was lots of damage done. So I taped up everything yesterday and today I planned to get the front done.. or at least the first coat. The problem with the front is that there is alot of trim, so it's not as easy as just rolling on the paint. Also my house has a texture on it so you have to do several passes to get the paint in the crevices.

So I spent the entire day from 8am to 5pm painting and by the end I had gotten 90% of the front done. I still had a few touch ups to do as paint would get under the taped off area. But I'm very happy with my progress. I should be able to get that done first thing tomorrow and then work on the right side of my house.

Today Daylight savings ended and we gained an extra hour, which is great for sleeping but it also means it gets dark earlier. So the sun started to set at 5pm cutting my painting time down by an hour or so. I'm not a fan of it getting dark earlier as it make it feel so late and it's only 6pm. I'm sure I'll adjust, just in time for Daylight savings to begin again :)

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