Friday, November 8, 2013

More House Stuff & FaerieCon

Today I spent the majority of the day painting my house. I've been focusing on the front of the house as my realtor is coming over on Tuesday to go over the details of selling my house. She's also going to take pictures so I want the front to look the best it can look. So I was outside from 9am to 5pm and I am exhausted.

Come the evening my friend Aaron drove up from San Diego and crashed at my place as he is going to help me with my house stuff tomorrow. He arrived around 8pm and we just hung out, talked and watched some TV. I was just a lump and really wasn't up for much.

During the day on one of my mini breaks I saw a post on Facebook from Kristen Nedopak. She posted a picture of herself in a Faerie outfit and the caption said "on my way to FaerieCon". I had never heard of this con and I'm a big Faerie fan. One thing that I've been trying to find the past several years is a perfect male Faerie drawing/picture/artwork. Anyways I immediately had to look it up. These are entire cons dedicated to the Faerie World.. there are several of them every year. Faerie Con West, Faerie Con East and FaerieWorld. They last an entire weekend with live music, masquerade balls, Fantasy authors & artists and it just looks like a ton of fun. Next years Faerie Con West and FaerieWorld are being held in Oregon. Depending on where I am in my life I might give one of these a go. They look similar to Renaissance Festivals, which I love.

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