Monday, November 25, 2013

Just Another Day

Nothing to crazy happen today.. I had to go grocery shopping for this Thanksgiving weekend. While I was out I stopped by BJ's restaurant as I left my Harry Potter (Wizarding World) cap there yesterday when we went to the movies. So I picked that up and then went to Vons to get some food. I don't normally shop at Vons but they were having a deal were you purchase at least $30 in food and you can get a 20+ lbs turkey for only $15. So that's what I did.

Besides that I pretty much caught up on some TV and continue to pack up the house. Tomorrow is the big general house inspection and after that I'll get the list from the buyers on what they want me to fix and then it's clear sailing to the finish line.

I did realize that it's only one month to the day until Christmas. I'm so bummed that I'll be moving during this time (if all goes well) as I won't be able to put up my tree or decorate the house. Christmas is my favorite time of year.

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