Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Random Geek Question!!

I posed a Random Geek Question on Facebook and Twitter. I asked " Which sci-fi or fantasy universe would you want to live in and why?? " Here are some responses from Facebook.

  • Doug Luberts - The Star Wars universe... But only if I was strong in the Force!
  • Jenni Powell - Narnia. Because...childhood dream basically.
  • Simon Meddings - Tolkien, but the more quiet and fun world, rather than Mordor.
  • Alycia Carhart - Rivendell because it is beautiful and peaceful. Elves.
  • Nathan Tamayo - Any one where I'm omnipotent.
  • Eva Chan - I'd go with Jenni's. I think Chronicles of Narnia was one of the first fantasy books I read when I was a kid. Who wouldn't want to wind up in a fantastical land like Narnia just by stepping through a wardrobe?
  • Dani Figueiredo - If I get to be a wizard, then Harry Potter, for sure! It would be great to be able to apparate! If not, then I think I'd pick Neverland.
  • Chris Stock - Oh, oh oh! There are SO many choices! I'd probably pick the TransHuman Space universe, from SJ Games... an overall-optimistic future? Yes plz.
  • Richard Peete - Give me Trek in the 23rd century any day!
  • Tim Gin - Presuming I am just a regular native I think I would be most comfortable with ST:TNG setting. Generally comfortable and safe with a whole plethora of places to explore should the desire arise. And who doesn't want a holodeck?
  • Steve Rose - Harry Potter, unless I was a muggle, then what's the point? Otherwise, ST:TNG all the way. I mean, replicators, universal translator, warp travel, universal health care... I'm assuming.
  • Erlend Aakre - I'd like to change my answer from TNG to having someone give me a tour of the universe in a big blue box
  • Scott Hough - A sci-fi world? The 24th century Earth from Star Trek. Fantasy: Probably the Earth from Dresden Files. Screw the Harry Potter wizards (no offense to you Potter fans), I prefer the Harry Dresden wizards.
  • Aaron Trahan - Star Trek TNG
  • Maggie O'Neill - Dr's assistant any time any day
I also got a few responses from Twitter...

@mattalexbrown - I reckon you and I could live a pretty convincing Hobbit life. No worries in the world except making the most of The Shire!

@rollotomasi - Middle Earth. I feel I should have been born a daughter of Rohan :)

@yensid98 - #HarryPotter of course. Quirky, oddballs living with magic and amazing creatures. #STTNG is a close 2nd, but I'd live on Earth.

First I want to thank everyone who responded, there was no clear winner here... as for me it's a tough call. I'd love to be a Wizard in the Harry Potter Universe, or Exploring the galaxy on a Starship/Spaceship in the STTNG era/Star Wars Universe. But I think the universe I'd like to live in most would be Middle Earth.. the Shire to be exact. Away from the world, enjoying the land, good food, good drink and family... that's my ideal heaven.

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