Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Star Wars Episode Seven Cast Revealed

Today Disney revealed the main cast for episode seven of Star Wars. I don't know if this is everyone or if they are still casting but there have been rumors for months about who was going to be in the next Star Wars film. The big three Harrison, Carrie and Mark have said numorus times that they would be back only to retract or backtrack thier comments.. Well it's official six of the original actors will be back to reprise their icon roles. Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, Harrison Ford as Han Solo, Anthony Daniels as C3PO, Kenny Baker as R2D2 and Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca.

Of the new cast I really only know three of them. Andy Serkis of course is the motion capture king playing characters from Gollum, to King Kong to Caesar. Domhnall Gleeson who was Bill Weasley in the last two Potter films, and Max von Sydow who played Ming the terrible from Flash Gordan. The others are pretty much unknown to me.

Star Wars fans went crazy when this image and cast names were released but honestly it didn't do anything for me. We pretty much knew that the main actors were going to be back for at least the next movie. I think the next big news (for me at least) will be the title of Episode seven.. now that's one things I'm super excited to find out.

April 29th, Pinewood Studios, UK - Writer/Director/Producer J.J Abrams (top center right) at the cast read-through of Star Wars Episode VII at Pinewood Studios with (clockwise from right) Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Producer Bryan Burk, Lucasfilm President and Producer Kathleen Kennedy, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Mark Hamill, Andy Serkis, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Adam Driver and Writer Lawrence Kasdan.

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