Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Star Wars Day!!

Today is the unofficial Star Wars holiday...  May the Fourth Be With You, (obviously a pun on May the Force Be With You). So in honor of this day I posted the picture below.. it's the only picture of me in some Jedi robes. This was taken at Disneyland with three friends (side note this was probably one I my favorite trips to Disneyland in recent memory).

They released a full trailer for the new Star Wars cartoon called Star Wars Rebels. I loved The Clone Wars and miss it dearly but I'm excited to see what they give us with this new series.

I watched the new Lego Star Wars cartoon called The (New) Yoda Chronicles: Escape from the Jedi Temple. Last year we had The Yoda Chronicles which was split into 3 episodes, but now it look as though they added two more episodes making this a five episode story and renaming it The New Yoda Chronicles. There were also two previous Lego Star Wars specials, Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace and Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out. Both were huge hits and lead to The Yoda Chronicles. All of these fantastic specials were written by one man Michael Price @Mikepriceinla If you haven't seen them find them.. they are hilarious and if you're a Star Wars fan a must see.

I went out to lunch today to Islands and wore my Star Wars shirt in honor of May the fourth be with you. The waitress at the restaurant saw my shirt and raised her hand and said.. Happy Star Wars Day.. high five. So we high fived. Several people in the bar area raised their glasses and kind of gave a nod and woohoo to this. I then noticed that they too had Star Wars shirts. Man I love being a geek.

Non Star Wars related, I recorded six episodes of my MASH 4077 Podcast with my buddy Meds. Unfortunately my other co-host Al wasn't able to make it to this record session. We had lots of great episodes so it was a fun conversation.

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